Keynote speakers

Mike Butcher

Mike Butcher

Editor At Large @ TechCrunch

Arkadiy Dobkin

Arkadiy Dobkin

Founder & CEO @ EPAM


Tania Marinich

Tania Marinich

Cofounder & CEO @ BELBIZ Group of Companies

Will Cardwell

Will Cardwell

Managing Partner @ Courage Ventures Fund, Adjunct Professor @ Kenan-Flagler Business School

Jamy T. Nigri

Jamy T. Nigri

Global Head of Commercial Development & Payments @ Wargaming

Patrick Halford

Patrick Halford

Nordic Robotics and Drone Ecosystem Director @ IBM

Juha Ruohonen

Juha Ruohonen

Founding Partner @ Superhero Capital, The Drill Sergeant @ Startup Sauna, Member @ Finnish Business Angels Network

Eugene Nevgen

Eugene Nevgen

CEO & Co-Founder @ MSQRD

Mantas Aleksiejevas

Mantas Aleksiejevas

SEED Program Manager @Google

Ken Singer

Ken Singer

Head of entrepreneurship and tech center @ UC Berkeley

Alexander Galitsky

Alexander Galitsky

Founder @ Almaz Capital

More to come...


Igor Ryabenkiy

Igor Ryabenkiy

Managing Partner @ Altair Capital Management

Yuri Gurski

Yuri Gurski

Co-founder @ Haxus

Will Cardwell

Will Cardwell

Managing Partner @ Courage Ventures Fund, Adjunct Professor @ Kenan-Flagler Business School

Juha Ruohonen

Juha Ruohonen

Founding Partner @ Superhero Capital, The Drill Sergeant @ Startup Sauna, Member @ Finnish Business Angels Network


Welcoming Speech
Technology trends to watch out for in 2017

Jamy T. Nigri, Global Head of Commercial Development & Payments, Wargaming

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Transform the Future


How to Deal with the Tech Media

Mike Butcher, Editor At Large, TechCrunch

Coffee Break
Driving Economic Activity and Innovation by Building Robotics & Drone Ecosystems

Patrick Halford, Nordic Robotics and Drone Ecosystem Director, IBM

How Startups Can Leverage the Established Organizations to Drive the Exponential Growth

Mantas Aleksiejevas, SEED Program Manager, Google

Lunch - Networking
Interview with MSQRD

Eugene Nevgen, CEO & co-founder, MSQRD
Andrew Yanchurevich, COO @ MSQRD

Promising Startups from Belarus. Panel Discussion

Moderator: Jamy Nigri, Wargaming

Keynote Speech by Arkadiy Dobkin, Founder & CEO, EPAM
My Startup Journey: How My Customers got me VC Funded

Ken Singer, Head of entrepreneurship and tech center, UC Berkeley

Coffee Break
Hacking Global Venture Capital

Will Cardwell, Partner @ Courage Venture, Founder and Director @ Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship

Failures of Startups Negotiating with VC. Panel Discussion

Moderator: Mike ButcherEditor At Large, TechCrunch

Panel Discussion with Investors

Alexander Galitsky,  Founder, Almaz Capital

Juha Ruohonen, Founding Partner, Superhero Capital; The Drill Sergeant, Startup Sauna; Member, Finnish Business Angels Network

Will Cardwell, Managing Partner, Courage Ventures Fund; Adjunct Professor, Kenan-Flagler Business School

Moderator: Tania Marinich, Cofounder & CEO, BELBIZ Group of Companies


Startup Competition
Afterparty at Imaguru

Only for participants of Venture Day Minsk

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SShip Relax zone Startup fair Feedback room Networking zone

Startup Competition

Join Venture Day Minsk, pitch your startup to international investors, win prizes, meet Eastern European startup community.

Pitch your startup to the world famous startups. Only 10 teams will be selected. You will have 3 minutes to pitch your idea followed by Q&A session.

Our amazing jury panel:​

  • Mike Butcher @ TechCrunch;
  • Tania Marinich @ BELBIZ Group of Companies;
  • Juha Ruohonen @ Superhero Capital;
  • Will Cardwell @ Aalto University;
  • Alexander Galitsky @ Almaz Capital
Apply till April 1st. Late applications will not be considered. Applicants will be notified one week prior to the competition if they are selected to pitch.​

About Venture Day Minsk

We bring together international investors, best startups in Eastern Europe and leaders of Belarusian startup community to share knowledge, experience and inspiration

Venture Day Minsk provides extended networking opportunities and share first-hand experience from the world tech industry experts. First held in 2015 and co-organized by IE Business School Venture Day Minsk became the largest startup event and first ever conference in Belarus held only in English. In 2016 the conference was held under the topic “Technology for a Healthy Future” and followed by Clean&HealthTech Hackathon supported by USAID, EPAM Systems, UNDP and SP&P law firm.

Venture Day Minsk line up included Mike Butcher (Techcrunch), Clive Ryan (Facebook), Al King (Wargaming), Arkadiy Dobkin (EPAM), Elise Sass (Microsoft), Gary Stewart (Wayra) and many others.


10-11 April

  • Business Angel course at Imaguru
  • 10-week course, with a Live Class Session held online and on-site at Imaguru each week
Trainer -  Will Cardwell
Visiting mentors - local and international business angels

Course Objectives

We aim to prepare you to be a savvy Angel Investor In the process we will help you understand the best practices of both Angel Investing and Entr epreneurship. Our philosophy is that, in order to be an excellent Angel Investor, you must understand and empathize startup founders. Once you can understand their perspective, then you are ready to build your knowledge of how to build contracts, make investments, work with founders to build value, and ultimately sell your investment and reap the financial rewards.

Teaching Methods And Materials

Live Class Sessions are discussion-based and assume that participants have prepared for the session based on the syllabus. Required readings/videos should be completed before class in order to facilitate participation Materials will be handed out and/or delivered electronically.


Venture Day Minsk


till February 28th

30 BYN

Regular Price

March 1st - 31st

5 days left!

45 BYN

Final price

April 1st-12th

60 BYN

buy at VISA MasterCard
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