Venture Day Minsk 2020
Venture Day Minsk 2020
Belarusian Philharmonic
Main Stage Playlist
Main Stage
Band of Angels and Investors
Rock Your Founders Skills
Stand-up Battle
Overture "Opening Ceremony"
Symphony "Common Features of Startups and Show Business"
Aria "Scaling to 2030"
Sonata "Main Trends in Viber Messager Development"
Nocturne "`Rhythm of Investments"
Solo "How To Grow An Unicorn"
Ode "How To Leverage Consumer's Behavior"
Lunch Beat
Prelude "How to pitch your startup to investors"
Suite "Creative techniques: fun and interactive workshop teaches people strategies to boost creativity. Based on Hyper Island curriculum"
Song "Venture Studio insights"
Operetta "How to sing about your startup effectively"
Lunch Beat
Amazing song of creativity will be played by 10 most promising startups from different parts of CEE. Sounds of their pitches will rock the ecosystem and transform our reality. This guys make everyone to hear them, singing their own story on Venture Day Minsk.

Performers 2020
Tania Marinich
Co-founder & CEO
@ BELBIZ Group
of Companies
Entrepreneur, Marketing & Sales. Investor, Berlin
Will Cardwell
Partner of @Courage Ventures, @Open Circle Capital and @TechMinsk
Dr. Marcus Erken
Founding Partner of Sunfish Partners
Ginger Leigh
Keynote Musician, Business Woman and Globe-trotter.
Prior to Belbiz Tania spent 8 years with the International Finance Corporation leading various projects for private sector development within IFC advisory activities. Tania received her International Executive MBA degree from IE Business School in Madrid.

Peter Vesterbacka
Co-founder at Edunation Finland

Gary Stewart
Managing Director, Wayra UK

Mike Butcher
Editor At Large at TechCrunch
Arkadiy Dobkin
CEO and co-founder, EPAM Systems
Christian Edler works with entrepreneurs to build high-profitable companies. He founded various companies and sold the latest one after three years, invested in over 25 companies with one unicorn as a seed investor in the portfolio.
His primary focus is world-class entrepreneurs with new categories of ideas with the possibility of massive scale. He is also focusing on companies in domains where my product and innovation experience applies strongly: consumer internet, leadgen, fintech, online marketplaces, communities, payments, and impact investments like Beyond Meat, Novonutrients, Mission Barns.
Will Сardwell is a partner in the venture capital funds Courage Ventures (Finland) and Open Circle Capital (Lithuania), and Adjunct Professor at the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina, and lecturer at Aalto University and Helsinki School of Business. He is serving as a mentor in several accelerators.

Dr. Marcus Erken is a founding partner of Sunfish Partners, an early stage VC that invests in Polish deep tech startups. Marcus is also a lecturer in the field of entrepreneurship. He co-lectures two annual university courses, where students can start their own companies.

Performers 2015-2019
Pavlina Louzenska
Lead Mentor in Google,
Founder #HolkyzMarketingu

Maxwell Kangkolo
Nikolay Ptitsyn
Co-founder Venture Studio
Partner at Telescope Studios, Berlin
Pavlina Louzenska is a Marketing and Business Consultant with focus on technology and fashion. She a Lead Mentor in Google, as well as in various European accelerators. She founded #HolkyzMarketingu, a female empowerment community which currently unites 20 000+ women. She is a Transparency International Board member. Alumni to Aspen Institute Young Leaders Program, YTILI and CGYPP fellowships.

Maxwell Kangkolo is a storyteller, filmmaker and creative. He believes in the idea that the world changes because we give ourselves the freedom to imagine new possibilities. He operates on the philosophy that we need to have a passionate pursuit of progress, not perfection.

Nikolay Ptitsyn is a Synesis Co-founder - venture studio running 15+ projects in Smart Cities, Event Management, Instant Messengers, and Online Gaming. With a team of 1 200+ world-class engineers, Synesis is well-positioned to deliver production-level software in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Cloud Computing. As a scientist, Nikolay has developed image processing algorithms and obtained patents for various companies. He holds a PhD in Chaos Theory/Cryptography and has authored 50+ publications. As a private investor, Nikolay has been involved in six M&A transactions, including Playtika and Viber. His present interests include Computer Vision and Chatbots.
Maria Minaricova
Head of Business Development, UK

Karol Sadaj
Country Manager Revolut Poland | Ex-Uber | Ex-Google

Oksana Lyubushina
Viber Business Development Director in CIS
Firat Isbecer
CEO Commencis, Istanbul
Maria Minaricova is a Head of Business Development at and serves as a Vice-chair and a founding member of Blockchain for Europe association.
Maria has an extensive career in the IT field, having worked at Oracle and GEANT. At Maria is leading the business development program, strategic alliances and collaboration with industry as well as academia to build applications using blockchain & AI. She focuses on solutions for mobility, smart cities, electric vehicles and energy, supply chains and decentralized finance. She also proactively contributes to the regulatory debate with the Blockchain for Europe association, supporting European decision makers, regulators and policy makers in their goal to make blockchain technology a success. Maria is passionate about supporting diversity and inclusion in AI & blockchain technology and beyond.
Karol Sadaj is an experienced marketer with a unique profile - with expertise from the world's largest consumer goods corporations (PepsiCo, Philip Morris) with the innovation of global giants in the field of new technology (Google, Uber). Passionate about scaling businesses, defining marketing strategies, and growth hacking.

Oksana Lyubushina is a Viber Business Development Director in CIS with more than 5 years of experience in the company. She has professional experience skilled in Media Relations, Corporate Communications, Strategic and Digital Marketing, Influencers Marketing and Sport Marketing.
Oksana graduated from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI). She has proven business results in such companies like PR-Technologies, SUP Media, Video International in the past.
Firat Isbecer is an entrepreneur and a seed investor. His first venture Pozitron, became one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies in Europe with clients across the globe and in 2017 was fully acquired by the US-based, Fiserv Inc, one of the world's largest fin-tech companies with more than 50,000 employees.
CEO of Commencis, which helps leading brands grow and scale in digital, powered by it's Big Data, Analytics and Cloud products.
Member of Galata Business Angels, Turkey's first angel investor group.
Superstar Companies 2020
Christian Edler
Ginger Leigh is a fierce entertainer, a multi-preneur and a connector who is fearlessly committed to her performances, her skills, her businesses and the people they serve. In the complex world in which we live, Ginger Leigh manages to gracefully pull from her natural abilities to be a creative host to many skill sets and unapologetically and powerfully delivers her many assets with ease! Being The Musician, The Interior Designer, The Actress, The Writer and believe it or not, the Rock Star Genealogist takes drive and an unending love of being alive in today's incredibly exciting time!

Venture Day Minsk BackStage
Disco Silent Talks
Startup Jam
Harmony Zone
Venture Day Minsk's Improvisation Zone
What better way to let your creative juices flowing than picking up a musical instrument and playing something?
Pipe to the angels, and others might follow suit, and chime in as well! Since our venue, the Belarusian National Philharmonic, is the sanctorium of Music, you owe it to the Muses to show off your talent. And besides, music is a great way of connecting people in a harmonious way!

Rock'n'Roll Zone
Business Angels, Investors and Startup Founders have a unique opportunity to meet their Tech Muse, allowing you to master the best practices and solutions of different domains. Learn, connect and network with all the main tech & startup ecosystem movers and shakers. Join one or multiple workshops, and take advantage of informal networking in a smaller crowd.
Talk about a symphony of innovations!
Venture Day Minsk's Disco Silent Talks
You no longer have to hum into anyone's ear, our app does it all for you! We are proud to grant you every single opportunity to receive advice from international experts, investors and speakers from over 35 countries.
Venture Day Minsk Conference provides participants with a quality meet and greet to grow their network. Thanks to our Networking App, it has never been easier to see who is attending the event, or to find the most valuable connections.
Download Pine App - Find Your Perfect Match - Have 1-on-1 Meetings with Experts and Investors!
Venture Day Minsk's Startup Jam provides startups with a chance to showcase their product to investors, customers, partners and media during the Conference. This year's Startup Jam will be held in the most magical place – Belarusian National Philharmonic.

Sounds like a melody, right?
Venture Day Minsk's Harmony Zone
Although we cannot offer you the chirping sound of birdies on a meadow, however, we came up with the next best thing! Our meditation zone is the place to be when you feel like taking a break from the hyped-up tech world, and need to recharge your batteries. Imagine coming upon an oasis with comfy poufs, plants and headphones awaiting, where you can rest your tired soul, tune in to your favourite music and just take a deep, cleansing breath... and maybe come up with a revolutionary grand idea for your new business!
Sounds like a deal you cannot miss out on? It sure does!

Stand-Up Battle 2020
Venture Day Minsk's Stand-Up Battle is a pitch contest for global-minded startups, where you can show off what you've got! It is a crucial part of the conference. 10 best Startups from all over Central and Eastern Europe are called upon to give their pitch in front of a jury in order to secure their chance in winning the main prize.
BE A VOICE, not an echo. Apply for Stand-Up Battle!

Application is open from Feb 17th till March18th.
Startup Jam
Venture Day Minsk's Startup Jam provides startups with a chance to showcase their product to investors, customers, partners and media during the Conference. This year's Startup Jam will be held in the most magical place – the Belarusian National Philharmonic. Sounds like a melody, right? Don't miss your chance to meet investors and media – apply now!
Rock Your Skills
Dr. Marcus Erken,
Founding Partner of @Sunfish Partners
April 16th, 13:00
Dr. Marcus Erken is a founding partner of Sunfish Partners, an early stage VC that invests in Polish deep tech startups. Marcus is also a lecturer in the field of entrepreneurship. He co-lectures two annual university courses, where students can start their own companies.
Will Cardwell,
Partner of @TechMinsk, @Courage Ventures and @Open Circle Capital
April 16th, 14:00
Currently, Will wears many hats. He is a partner in venture capital funds Courage Ventures (Finland) and Open Circle Capital (Lithuania), Adjunct Professor at Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina, as well as lecturer at Aalto University and Helsinki School of Business. He also serves as a mentor in several accelerators.
APRIL 16TH, 13:00
APRIL 16TH, 14:00
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Producers 2019
Tsutomu Gabriel Komori
Managing Partner
@ Bene Asia Capital
Yury Melnichek
Founding Investor
@ BulbaVentures
Cyril Golub
BBAN Angels Band,
Arvydas Bložė
Investment Manager,
Practica Capital
Maurice Beckand Verwee

Co-founder @Crosspring
Max Gurvits
Director for CEE, CIS,
and MENA @Cross Border Angels
Galina Chifina
Partner @RTP Global
Dzmitry Mikhaliov
Analyst @RTP Global
Priit Uustulnd
Tomas Martunas
Iron Wolf Capital
Can Saracoglu
Founding Partner Ventures
Egor Abramov
FortRoss Ventures
Dmitri Kalinin
Belarusian Innovation Fund
Islam Midov
RBF Ventures
Anton Vasiliev
RBF Ventures
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Venture Day Minsk Performance
Venture Day Minsk gathers 1000+ participants from over 35 countries, to discuss the most advanced tech trends. All participants will become part of a composition of blending knowledge and musical creativity together. What can you expect? Among others, performances by foreign tech experts, workshops for investors and startup founders, a startup fair, startup competition, various activities, as well as recreational and networking zones to fuse into a concert of sounds, accompanied by numerous performances of eminent musicians. Don't miss out on this unique journey into the fusion of multifaceted music and technology.


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